Xplain: Regional Geometry

*cough* *cough* Is this thing still on?

I don’t write much here anymore, partly because I don’t see it as a platform where I have much voice or volume, and also because the things I most want to write about don’t fit in this blog thematically.

But a few years ago when I first released Xplain, I promised everyone that when I updated my Xplain series, since it didn’t naturally have an RSS feed, I’d write something here instead. I have released a new article on Xplain, and as such, I’m here to fill up your feed reader with a link telling you to go look elsewhere.

I’m particularly happy with the way this article came out, and for those of you still watching this space, I’d really appreciate it if you read it. Thank you.

Xplain: Regional Geometry

8 thoughts on “Xplain: Regional Geometry

  1. This is one of the few places on the net where you can get actually really interesting information of how X works in a way where you do not have to be a gure. Please keep up the good work because this series of articles is of incredible value to all of us who want do dig into this field. Thanks !

  2. I love the xplain series of tutorials, one thing I kinda wish is for an explanation in a similar style where wayland is explained in the same way, though reading through the pages of it I’m almost assuming you already got that in mind :)

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