Xplain: Advanced Window Techniques

Hey! I promised I’d try to blog once a month, and it’s getting overdue now. I just went ahead and published a new article in the Xplain series: Advanced Window Techniques.

It contains information on the window tree, and its (initial) use in building complex systems. I wanted to write more about window managers and wrap up the window tree before moving onto other stuff, but this article was getting a bit long already, so I just cut it in two. I know a lot of people wanted to see the WM part of things, and I’m sorry. I’ll try and get the next article out by the end of June.

As before, I’d prefer all feedback to be emailed to me directly at my email, jstpierre@mecheye.net, but I’ll leave comments enabled this blog post as well. You guys had some excellent feedback on the first article, so a big thanks goes out to everyone who asked questions, sent in typo fixes, and told me they loved it! You guys rock!

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